If you’re lucky enough to live in a state where online sports betting is currently allowed, by far one of the best and most popular worldwide sports you can wager on is soccer. Not only can you choose from a multitude of different betting markets that can pay out handsomely, but it’s also an immensely fun sport to watch while you wait for the possible outcomes. 

To get the most out of your bankroll and experience, you should make sure you’re only placing bets through reputable and reliable sportsbooks. Most bookmakers offer a welcome bonus offer, which usually includes a free bet upon signing up. Whichever one you choose to go with, this basic guide to gambling on soccer can be applied to any of them and will help you come to grips with the bets and rules if you’re new to the world of soccer betting. 

Betting Markets

Below you’ll discover the main betting options you can choose from in sports and soccer games, plus the odds and probabilities associated with each one: 

Total Goals

Total goals is commonly referred to as the over/under bet. It involves placing a wager on two competing teams and selecting each of them to finish with a total number of goals that are either above or below a certain score. For example, if you were to bet a game to finish on a total of 2.5 goals, it would mean each individual team would need to score 3+ goals for you to win. Likewise, if you were to place an under bet for each team to score less than 2.5 goals, they wouldn’t be able to exceed any more than 2 in order for you to win. If you’re a beginner to online sports betting, total goals are always a good and easy way to wean yourself into it. 


When you place moneyline bets, the aim is to predict which team will win the game or if it will end in a draw. Wagers are usually set at $100 by most sportsbooks, and you can opt for a 2-way bet or a 3-way moneyline bet. There is no option of a draw in a 2-way moneyline; you simply bet on who will win or lose. In a 3-way moneyline, the options would look more like this: 

Man City -129

Chelsea +325

Draw  +250

As you can see, you would make a profit of $325 dollars, plus have your original stake returned if you had bet on the draw. While Man City may have more favorable odds, the payout would only come back $77.52. This is why it’s often called the “underdog” bet — because your payout potential is much better even if the odds are worse in this bet. 


Parlays are one of the most exotic types of bets you can place in soccer and other sports; albeit, it can be tough seeing a return on them as it requires all of your bets to come through in order to win. Unlike single betting systems, parlays typically involve placing four wagers of 1×2, but if only three of your bets succeed you’ll still lose it to the books. This is why they can be risky wagers to place if you’re not too confident with your sports, but they can be one of the most rewarding and highest-paying bets if your predictions are correct. 


This is a bet which involves betting on the future outcomes of entire tournaments before the season starts. Future bets are most commonly placed at major sporting events because the odds are much higher for the competing teams as opposed to smaller leagues. The majority of sportsbooks offer this betting option to gamblers, but like parlays, it’s not the easiest for predicting results that far in advance. If you are planning to go for this kind of bet, it’s only really worth wagering on the teams you follow and making sure you’re confident about their tactics and performance abilities first.  

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are the joker card in sports betting as they entail betting on the most unorthodox outcomes. They aren’t associated with the game outcomes or results; instead, they are placed on scenarios such as how long the national anthem will last for, how many times the commentator will say a specific word, what commercial will be played at half-time. They are great options if you’re looking to have a bit more fun while you gamble, and you can still acquire some small fortunes with prop bets. Most sportsbooks offer these wagers and will have their own odds set for each betting outcome. 

There are other betting options that are a bit more complicated than the above. These include point spreads, Asian handicaps, live betting and exchange betting. However, these are only worth exploring once you’ve thoroughly done your research on the odds and possible outcomes of each game, action or proposition. 

5 Soccer Events to Watch Out For in 2020

Here are some of the top soccer matches due to take place over the upcoming months. You can opt for all of the above bets in each of these games. 

Women’s Champions League Final, May 24 

2020 Champions League Final, May 30

2020 Copa America, June 12 – July 12

UEFA Euro 2020, June 12 – July 12

2020 Summer Olympics, July 24 – August 9


What happens if an event is canceled after I’ve placed my bet? 

The bet will be made void according to the game rules. If the operator or sportsbook is the one who calls off the bets, these are also void and returned back to you. The cases where this may happen is when the wrong odds are listed, wrong names of players displayed, or a handicap is inaccurate. 

How can I check the game results? 

You’ll find this information on the sportsbook or gambling website you placed your bets through. All legal operators display official data from the matches and use this to calculate the odds and payouts. 

Is it safe to bet on soccer? 

As long as you’re placing your bets through a legitimate sportsbook, gambling on soccer is completely safe and secure. These operators have strict regulations to adhere to when it comes to your safety, just like us at Planet 7. 

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