Slot machine malfunction leads to $43 million dollar lawsuit

Resorts World Casino New York City is facing a lawsuit filed by a woman who supposedly won $43 million dollar from a Sphinx Slot Machine in August 2016. The lawsuit came about after the casino opted to give jackpot winner Katrina Bookman a free steak dinner and $2.25 instead of her jackpot money, claiming that the machine had malfunctioned. According to a statement given by the casino and the New York State Gaming Commission, machine malfunctions are rare, but they apologized for any inconveniences that they might have caused Bookman. “Clearly it was a malfunction since the machines maximum payout was programmed for $6,500,” they said.

Katrina Bookman is a distraught woman. Even though she took a picture of her winnings, she still doesn’t get to claim her money. The experience was an emotional setback, as all that she was planning could no longer take place. “The casino is negligent and has breached contract,” claimed Bookman.

“Claiming that the machine is broken means that it was not maintained,” Alan Ripka, Bookman’s lawyer told CNN. Ripka added that people who previously played the slots game had no chance of winning. This event raises a lot of questions: if Bookman’s supposed win had not occurred, how long would it have taken the casino to notice? How often are the machines tested to ensure they’re working properly? Does the casino follow its rules on fairness? No clear answers have been given by the casino about the malfunction, but it is clear that the only losing party in this case is Bookman, since the casino does not intend on paying her the $43 million dollar jackpot.

Man leaves daughter in car to gamble

In other events, Maryland Heights Casino hit the headlines after a man left his six year old daughter alone in a casino parking garage only to be found gambling inside the casino. The 46-year-old father, Charles A. Carter from Toledo, Ohio, was charged with misdemeanor child endangerment.

According to a Maryland Heights Casino employee who found Carter’s daughter, the girl was standing alone and crying on the sixth floor of the casino’s parking garage. Additionally, a court document given by the police stated that the six-year-old had been left in the middle of the night in a van which was covered with cardboard and duct tape. The event took place on June 18, 2017, also known as Father’s Day.

In a surveillance video, police were able to locate Carter and determined that he was in the casino for approximately 30 minutes. According to Carter’s statement, he went inside to look for gas money.

Although this act raises a lot of speculations, it is difficult to understand the true intention of the father. His intentions might have been good, but they do not justify him leaving his six-year-old daughter alone in a parking lot where anything could have happened. Carter was immediately detained at the St. Louis County Justice Center while his daughter was placed under the Department of Family Services until a family member could take her.

Atlantic City casinos experience revenue increases

Atlantic City Casino revenues experienced a big boost this year from New Jersey online gambling sites. Atlantic City’s seven operating casinos hit a revenue of $208.3 million, according to a report released by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The amount represented a 2.5 percent year-over-year increase from May.

The big boost was as a result of a huge increment in online gaming revenue. This year, the New Jersey online casino industry generated an estimated $21 million compared to last year’s $16.5 million, representing a 27.3 percent increase.

Online gaming in Atlantic City has become more popular since it was legalized in 2013. The online platform has generated more than $500 million in revenue, which in turn has helped boost the casino gaming market, which was previously dwindling. When internet gaming was approved, it was viewed as a new source of revenue that would assist casinos recover from their decline in slot and table games winnings from land based operations.

Golden Nugget casino is leading in online gaming with an estimated revenue of $5.9 million. Tropicana and Resorts casino generated $4 million each, Caesar casino $3.6 million, and Borgata casino $3.5 million. Atlantic City online gambling is boosting the economy as well as saving the face of the whole gambling industry.

Massachusetts casino industry growing

Still on increased casino revenues, Massachusetts’s first and only casino has slightly increased its revenue. This is however impressive, since it’s the casino’s second year in operation. According to an Associated Press review, since last year June Plainridge Park has generated a gross revenue amounting to $157 million. This amount is slightly higher than its first full year revenue which was $154 million. This is a result of attracting younger patrons. The idea came into being when Plainville Casino, which is owned by Pennsylvania-based Penn National Gaming, decided to hold live events, rock concerts, and boxing matches, which attracts younger clientele.

According to David Gulley, an economics professor at Bentley University in Waltham Massachusetts, the outcome was better than expected, since it’s difficult for a new gaming facility to live up to its expectations as well as maintain the initial excitement that surrounds the grand opening. However, the annual revenue is far from reaching $300 million, which was initially projected when it opened on June 24, 2015.

Plainridge Park has had a significant impact on the economy of Massachusetts. It will lose its status as Massachusetts’s only casino, however, in late 2018, when MGM is scheduled to open a Las Vegas-style destination resort casino in Springfield. Wynn Resorts is also slated to open its own in the Boston area in the summer of 2019. The additional casinos will greatly influence and impact the economy of Massachusetts in the coming years, but for now Plainridge Casino is making all the right moves in attracting more customers.

Gambling legalized in Japan

Legalizing casino gambling in Japan has captured the attention of many people. The construction process is, however, seen to be taking longer than expected. It was estimated that the construction of the new resorts would begin next year, but the time frame has since been extended to an unknown time. The delay is being caused by the legislation for integrated resorts, which needs to be approved before construction can commence, including a bill addressing gambling addiction that needs to be passed. The setback is a result of the short period of time left before the current legislative session ends, as well as the apparent disagreement on how best to help problem gamblers.

Japan has come a long way in the legalization of the gambling industry. Although the process is taking a longer than expected, it is a positive sign as the industry will positively influence the growth of the country’s economy.

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