There is a lot that is always happening in the world of casinos, every day with its own interesting page. The following is a recap of what has been happening last week as far as casinos are involved:

Delaware casinos complain of high tax rates and high competition

There is very high competition in the US with many gaming markets being faced with economic woes. The state that has been most affected is Delaware as most casinos are complaining of high tax rates dragging them down. According to them they have been performing well in the past years but they started suffering losses from 2016 where they have been getting decreasing revenues.

Massachusetts introduces a law to allow casinos to serve alcohol until 4am

The new law passed in Massachusetts has given casinos an additional two hours to serve alcohol from the initial up to 2am to 4am.The 2011 law gave land casinos the permit to serve alcohol from 8am to 2am. The new law they can serve from 8am to 4am. This is good news for casino owners since it means they can cash in more money and they can also make their customers more comfortable.

Even though it is just an addition of two hours, it is more complicated than it sounds. Casinos would have to first apply for the extension of time through the Massachusetts Gaming Commission who can either accept or deny the application.

The changes were proposed by Wynn Resorts as they wanted the ability to serve alcohol for an additional two hours as they are building a $2 billion facility in the state. They aim to be like Las Vegas to be able to serve 24 hours in order to attract additional customers.

The senate state president Stan Rosenberg was however against it and opposed the changes. Even though he was a key figure in legalizing casino gambling in the state, he was against the idea of being added additional hours to serve alcohol. According to hi, if casinos still need additional hours then there is a problem somewhere. He cited that it is so obvious that casinos in future will want to be given 24 hours to serve alcohol or lift the prohibition on smoking. There is a high chance there will be more gambling in future just like in Las Vegas. Casinos serving alcohol till 4am is unfair as much as it gives them advantage over other bars and restaurants that are only allowed to sell alcohol up to 2am.

There have been many arguments on the effect of the additional hours. It is quite obvious that it will lead to additional revenues to casino owners. It may however increase the rate for problem gambling and more gambling in general. Even though there are many possibilities of the outcomes, only time can tell what exactly will happen.

Las Vegas casinos to selectively give customers free cocktails

Las Vegas is well known to be a giant in the world of gaming and with many freebies given to customers. Most casinos in Las Vegas have however decided to be smart by monitoring players before they can give them free alcohol.

This is a move to make sure that Las Vegas casinos do not suffer losses. Most casinos have introduced a comp drink monitoring system that will decide if the gamble is wagering enough to deserve a free alcohol.

The technology was created by Arden progressive systems and games that provide a monitoring and tracking software that is connected to the slot machines to monitor how much a player has spent before being given complimentary drinks.  The complementary validation system is automated inn such as way it has three lights. If you cash in a blue light appears and if you have spent enough money to deserve a drink a green light appears after which the waiter will come your way with a complementary drink.

There are casinos which use a different system that involves vouchers whereby if players spend a certain amount of money in gambling then the machine automatically gives them a coupon for a free drink.

Because many casinos offer the complementary drinks in form of cocktails, there are some casinos who have resolved to reduce the alcohol percentage in the cocktails as a cost cutting measure to make sure even though a client may not spend much on gambling the company will still not suffer losses.

$13 million embezzled in Pennsylvania spent in Las Vegas casinos

Gambling can be dangerous once it gets addictive. The perpetrator of the $13 million that was stolen from Matthews international in Pennsylvania admitted the crime blaming it on her gambling addiction. Cynthia Mills has admitted the crime and is now subjected to a jail sentence of 7.5 years and paying back all that cash.  She admitted much of the money stolen she spent on gambling in Las Vegas casinos and Atlantic City casinos.

She has been an employee for the company for a long time and looks like she did not start siphoning the cash now. She would redirect the money to fake businesses and then later reclaim the money. Her lawyer blames it on gambling addiction and the desire for a high luxurious life which she could not afford.

From the pre-hearing of the case, it was clear that Ms. Mills had already spent much of the money already and hence could not give back the cash. They however seized all her luxury goods that they think was not acquired legally.


Everyday events contribute to a game change in the world of casinos. What is happening today has an influence on what will happen tomorrow. Las Vegas has been a trend setter in the casino world and the events happening there have a big influence on the whole industry. The selective criteria for giving freebies are very likely to be adopted in other places of the world. Everyone in the industry is following Las Vegas closely as a trend setter.


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