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Cash Bandits

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Cash Bandits

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Bad guys get caught. Good guys get paid. Play Cash Bandits at Planet 7. Don't worry about the cops.

Real players' comments on Cash Bandits:

"Boy is this one named wrong! Makes ME feel like the bandit I'm taking so much!"

"Great bonus spins, great bonus feature."

"Trying to open the safes is the best slots feature I've ever seen."

"It pays more than anything, and believe me, I've tried them all!"

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Aces and Eights

There’s not much better than playing a great game of poker. Of course, rounding up a group to play can end up being more hassle than it’s worth. But with our Game of the Month, Aces and Eights, you can play a hand anytime you feel like it. Play up 52 hands at a time by switching the number of games under the Options menu (you can change the bet size here too). And if you hit the big hand, the Royal Flush? That’s worth 4,000 times your bet.

"I was playing 52 hands and I got dealt a full house without needing hold cards. Guaranteed big win!"

"I get so much play time out of video poker games!"

"This is so much better than waiting to see which friends will cancel on poker night."

"I got into poker when they started showing it on TV. Now I play while I watch."

"So many three of a kind hands!"

"This game is perfect for me. I love poker but I can’t keep a straight face at the table."