Few games in a casino are as intimidating to a beginner as the Roulette table. The betting field appears to be a sea of numbers, colors, and apparent impossibilities. Isn’t it easier to just go press buttons and watch reels spin on a slots machine instead? Surprisingly, no. The Roulette table may seem confusing at first glance. In fact it’s a wonderfully simple casino game to understand… once you learn how to play roulette, of course. The key is to learn how to bet properly.

Though there are many “how to play roulette” books and guides on so-called perfect Roulette strategy, the truth is that there is no fool-proof method to win. However, this does NOT mean that players can’t learn how to bet in roulette effectively to increase their bankroll. We here at Planet 7 Online Casino want to teach you some easy to learn tips on how to play Roulette. Once you have done your homework, in just a few quick spins you’ll be betting and playing like a pro. And hopefully winning like one too. So, let’s get started and take a look at how at some of the best tips on how to play Roulette and win!

A Short History of Roulette

Variations of games very similar to Roulette have been around for hundreds of years. Therefore its exact origins are hard to trace. However, the version that we know and love today was devised by a French physicist, inventor and mathematician by the name of Blaise Pascal back in 1655. Of course, a game as seemingly complex as Roulette could only have been invented by a mad scientist. Okay, he wasn’t really mad but he was a scientist. Pascal was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine – an experiment that failed in its original endeavor. For the non-science minded, a perpetual motion machine is a device that continues to operate without drawing energy from an outside source. A popular notion in the realm of “science” at the time. Though Pascal failed, he gave the world one of the most popular casino games in existence!

Essentially, Roulette is all about odds, simple physics, and statistics. The word roulette means “little wheel”. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise you that the spinning roulette wheel was invented by a well-known gambler and math wizard. For the next hundred years or so, the early Roulette wheel remained untouched – until Francois and Louis Blanc came upon it. Thanks to their addition of the number zero space on the wheel, the house edge was immediately increased. This turned Roulette into a huge money winner for casinos from then on.

The Double Zero Appears on the Wheel

Roulette gained notoriety amongst the elite gambling circles of Monaco following the addition of the zero. Eventually, roulette made its way across the ocean to U.S., where it would undergo yet another transformation. This came in the form of a double zero space added to the Roulette wheel, again creating a higher house edge. Today, Roulette remains one of the most popular games at casinos. It dominates online and brick and mortars throughout Europe and the United States. The hugely simple, yet entertaining format of Roulette as well as promises of massive payouts have continued the game’s longevity. You can discover for yourself by playing European Roulette or American Roulette at Planet 7 Online Casino today!

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How to Play Roulette

Despite appearances, the rules of Roulette are actually quite simple. Standard Roulette consists of a spinning wheel, a betting table, a ceramic ball spun by a croupier, and a series of wager options available to each player. Before each round, simply place your wager in chips on the Roulette table. The croupier spins the wheel with the Roulette ball in motion in the opposite direction. Eventually, the ball will slow down and land in a numbered pocket. If the wager you made matches the ball’s final destination, congratulations you are a winner! If not, spin again and see what the tides of fortune have in store for you.

Officially, there are three variations of Roulette that exist, American, European and French Roulette. Players may bet on a single or a range of numbers, colors red or black, odd or even, or high (19–36) or low (1–18) numbers. The winning number appears when the ball drops into one of 36 colored and numbered pockets on the wheel or a zero pocket (American roulette utilizes a double zero).

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How to Bet in Roulette

As you’ve seen, the rules of Roulette are really quite simple. Now that you know with the history and basics of the game, let’s go over betting! Real Money Roulette tables have their own chips, and players are designated different colored chips so the croupier will know who to pay and who to take. Each table also will have a minimum bet posted.

The two key areas for Roulette betting is inside and outside. The minimum bet for the table is generally the same for both inside and outside of the table with one difference. Inside bets allow you to spread out the minimum bet over a range of numbers. Whereas outside betting requires you make a bet equal to the minimum. So if the minimum bet is $5, an inside bet must be made that adds up to $5. Meaning multiple chips can placed on the table covering a set of numbers that add up to the minimum. Each outside bet must equal $5.

Inside bets

Roulette Inside Betting Strategy

There are varieties of ways you can bet inside the Roulette table. Below are the types of inside bets:

  • If you choose to bet on a single number, chip(s) must be placed on any number inside the table. This is straight bet, and pays out 35:1. It’s the riskiest type of bet, but also the most rewarding.
  • If you choose to bet on two numbers at once, chip(s) must be placed on the line that separates two numbers. This is a split bet, and the pays out 17:1.
  • If you choose to bet on three numbers at the same time, chip(s) must be placed on the line that separates the inside and outside of the table. This is a street bet, and pays out 11:1.
  • A double street bet is made by placing a chip on the line between two rows of numbers between the inside and outside of the table. This has 5:1 odds.
  • If you choose to bet on four numbers, chip(s) must be placed on the line intersecting four numbers. This is a corner or square bet, pays out 8:1.
  • American roulette also utilizes a five number bet, placed on the line beside the zero, double zero and numbers 1-3. This pays out 6:1.

It’s worth noting that while inside bets have a higher house edge, the payouts are much greater. So it’s up to you to weigh the risk to reward ratio.

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    Outside bets

    Roulette Outside Bets

    Outside bets are the most popular bets to make for Roulette due to the lower house edge. This makes them ideal for beginners, as they are less risky. Below is a list of the type of outside bets:

    • The most famous bet at the Roulette table is red or black. You’re betting on whether the winning number will land on a red or black number. This bet pays out 1:1.
    • You can choose to bet odd or even, meaning whether the winning number will land on an odd or even number. This also pays out even money at 1:1.
    • Field bets are made in the sections marked “1-18” or “19-36” and mean that the winning number will land within a range these high or low numbers. The payout for either is 1:1.
    • You can choose to make a dozen bet. This means betting on 12 numbers at once that range from the first, second or third set of 12 numbers out of total 36 numbers on the wheel.
    • Column bets are made in the sections marked at the end of the three number columns. Both of these bets payout 2:1.

    Outside bets come at a lower risk and are safer bets to make in the long term in terms of your investment, but payout lower.


    Specialty bets

    French and some European Roulette tables also utilize what are known as French or called bets. These refer to certain sections of the Roulette table that represented by corresponding numbers and phrases on an ellipse. These are Voisin du zero, Orphelins and Tiers du Cylindre, and are based on a particular section’s proximity to zero. The numbers within the ellipse function in a similar manner.

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    Top Tips to Play Roulette and Win

    1 – Eye the edge

    Due to the addition of an extra zero in American Roulette, the house edge increases to an unfavorable 5.26% compared to its European counterpart. European Roulette has halved house edge due to its use of a single zero, making it 2.7%. If you’re a fan of American Roulette, by all means take a spin. But it’s good for a beginner to keep in mind that the house has a greater advantage of taking your money.

    2 – Manage your money wisely

    Speaking of money, it’s important to note that money management in Roulette is crucial. Though the rewards of landing a 35:1 odd straight bet might seem enticing, the odds are heavily against you. Just keep in mind that before you wager, set yourself a loss limit. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of gambling especially with a group of people cheering the ball on. But a loss is a loss, so manage money in moderation. Whichever way the wheels of fortune spin, it’s great if you win big. But you’ll also feel better about yourself if you come away from the table with your bankroll intact.

    3 – Stay in control

    The game of Roulette offer tons of excitement. Be sure not to get caught up in the moment and always keep your emotions in check. After all, the spin of the wheel will determine the outcome, and not perceived hot or cold streaks. Every time the ball lands is a singular event. Just because the outcome has been a red number three times in row, this does not mean that the ball will be more likely to land on a black number on the next spin. You can have a lot of fun playing Roulette. But the more you can keep a calm head on your shoulders, the more wisely you will bet and can end up winning big!

    How to Play Roulette and Win with these Roulette Strategies

    You’ve got the basics down, the bets, and the odds. Now it’s time to learn a few roulette betting strategies. Though we cannot guarantee that any betting strategy is 100% successful, we can introduce you to a few that just might up your bankroll.

    Stick to the Outside

    Beginners should stick to betting outside the table. Though the profits may not be as large, they are statistically more consistent. Betting red or black, high or low, and odd or even ensures a lower probability of losing money, as all of these bets pay out even money. Straight bets are a long shot, and consistent outside betting yields more return in the long term.

    The Martingale System

    The Martingale roulette betting System

     One of the most popular Roulette strategies, the Martingale system, is a fairly easy one to learn and replicate. The system itself is named after London casino owner John Henry Martindale, who encouraged players to double their bets after a loss. It works like this: simply place an even money bet, and if you lose, double your bet the next time round. If you win, place the exact same original bet on the next spin. Using this betting strategy will help you keep control of your bankroll. While you may not win millions, you’ll be able to walk away with a healthy account balance. Most players would call that a win in itself.

    Fibonacci System

    The Fibonacci Roulette betting System

    A slightly more complex betting strategy, this system is based on the famous Fibonnaci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, and so on. Each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. This sequence of numbers was conceived by the 13th century Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, who first brought the Arabic numeral system to the west.

    To apply it to roulette, start your play with a real money online casino bet. Then simply apply this sequence with a matching bet increase every time you lose. Let’s say for example you bet $1. If you lose your bet, next time round you’ll bet $2. Then you’ll go from $2 to $3, $3 to $5, and up the rest of the sequence. Should you win your first bet, you’ll start again at $1. If you win further down the sequence, cross off the last two numbers at the point where you began to win, and start from the next one.

    The theory underpinning the system is that you will recoup each lost bet by betting the lost amount on the next wager. Over time, this covers consecutive losses by moving up and down the numerical sequence. While a viable theory, like the Martingale, you could end up blowing your bankroll if you hit a solid losing streak.

    D’Alembert System

    D’Alembert roulette betting System

    The D’Alembert system was invented by the 18th century French mathematician Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert and is perhaps the easiest of all Roulette strategies to apply. As a negative progression system, it involves you placing a bet, adding one unit to it if you lose, or removing a unit from it if you win. Meaning raise when you lose, lower when you win. Predicated on the idea of natural equilibrium, the D’Alembert strategy works best when applied to a set of even wins and losses for the same bet. But of course you won’t know what the Roulette wheel has in store for you until you start to play.

    A Game of Chance

    Whatever your method, there is no absolute winning strategy. The outcome of where the ball will land is a matter of chance. That’s because each roll is a unique occurrence that should be treated as such. Though you may feel inexperienced there is an old say about Roulette, “the wheel has no memory.” Black and red, odd or even. All bets on the table have the same amount of chance hitting on any given spin. This is huge positive for players new to the game, as Lady Luck could be just around the corner.

    What are the best Roulette tips for beginners to understand how to win at Roulette?

    • Roulette is a game of chance. This makes it hard to predict the odds of any particular number landing on each spin
    • Every table has a minimum bet, and sometimes inside and outside bets for the same table can be different
    • Multiple bets can be made for each spin. Spreading out your bets increases your chances of winning (if you lose however, you lose more)
    • Payouts vary based on the type of bet. For beginners, outside bets are heavily recommended
    • The house edge in American Roulette is 5.26%. Beginners should play French/European versions as the house edge is lowered to 2.7%
    • In whatever strategy a players decides to utilize: Martingale, D’Alembert or Fibonacci for instance, it’s critical to remember that in Roulette the spin of the wheel is a unique event for each spin despite perceived hot or cold streaks.

    Most importantly, you should have fun! Roulette is a very entertaining casino game that offers huge rewards to those willing to try. So give it a chance. If you don’t want to visit a brick and mortar, head over to Planet 7 Online Casino today to have a spin at the Roulette table. You might just end up winning big! Good luck!

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