What is Inclave?

Inclave is a revolutionary all-in-one identity management solution. 

Our technology serves to safely store your passwords and personal data in one place. This actively and effectively protects you from fraudulent activity and online threats. Additionally, storing your passwords with Inclave allows you to access data and accounts with just one click.  

Gone are the days of scrambling around trying to find where you stored or wrote your password. Inclave keeps them all safe and secure and makes every sign-in process as quick and easy as possible. 

Simplify your digital life.

Why Use Inclave?

Inclave makes your digital life easier by utilizing advanced security technologies that keep your private information and passwords safe and secure. These solutions include: 

Biometric Login

Sign in to all of your accounts by using facial recognition software, or by scanning your fingerprints.

2 Click Sign-in Process

Since all of your passwords are safely stored in one place, signing into your accounts only takes a matter of seconds. Now you can spend less time searching for your passwords, and more time browsing your favorite sites. 

Complete Visibility Over Accounts

Inclave offers complete transparency on the off chance that suspicious activity occurs in your account. You will know who, when, and where your account was accessed. Then you will receive information on how our team is handling the breach. 

Protects Against Attacks

Our advanced solutions ensure your passwords and information are effectively stored and protected. This is thanks to SSL encryption technology. 

How It Works With Your Planet 7 Account 

Storing your Planet 7 password on Inclave makes accessing your online casino account quicker and easier than ever before. 

Whether you prefer to play on your desktop or mobile device, Inclave’s identity management solutions can work for you. Additionally, if you create your account on your laptop, you are still able to access your passwords and sign in to your accounts using any mobile device. 

Planet 7 guarantees its users utmost privacy when using Inclave to store their passwords and access accounts. Your personal data securely rests behind state-of-the-art encryption technologies, which protect your data from third parties or predators. You no longer have to worry about writing your passwords down, or storing them on your phone — they will instantly become available when you sign in using Inclave. 

Now, you can safely access your Planet 7 account in just two clicks. The ultimate casino experience at Planet 7 is always just seconds away thanks to Inclave. 

How to Use Inclave Password Manager/Solution

To use Inclave for your Planet 7 account, you must first register with Inclave. The process is easy:

Step 1. 

Go to Inclave.com.

Click “Registration” in the upper left corner of the homepage. 

Step 2.

Fill out the form with your personal information. 

Click “Sign up” 

Step 3.

After you click “Sign up,” you will head to this page and asked to verify your email address. A 6-digit code will be sent to your email. You have the option of pasting it in the spot seen below, or by simply clicking the link in your email. 

Step 4. 

You will go to your home screen where you can customize your settings and preferences and begin safely storing your passwords and information.

An easier digital life is just moments away!

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