You did it.
You signed up, you made your first deposit, and you got your bonus.
Now what?

If you’re starting with a small bankroll or want to ensure that you’ll have plenty of playtimes,
Try out Cash Bandits.
This slot is a player favorite.
It pays out tons of little wins and a few big ones.

If you’re more of a risk-taker,
Or you’re after that one big win.
Take a look at Bubble, Bubble.
You won’t win as often.
But when you do,
It can be huge.

Finally. If you really want to make it rain, take a look at some of our big jackpot slots.
Games like Achilles, or holiday favorites like Naughty or Nice or Rudolph’s Revenge,
have jackpots that get enormous.

These games are just the beginning.
Take the time to try out a few games and find the one that works best for you. Then just enjoy winning and be prepared for making your first withdrawal.

Don’t wait! Click on any of Planet 7’s casino games above to go directly to that game and play.
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Nicola Davidson, a staff writer at Planet 7, is a semi-professional rock climber and lover of poetry and games of skill. When she's not scaling mountains or at an open mic night, Nicola enjoys writing about games like Blackjack and Three Card Poker and putting gaming strategies to the test.