Player of the Month

Player of the Month – Discover our Casino Player’s True Stories

Congratulations to Jeff!

Jeff from Oklahoma only made one deposit at Planet 7, but boy did he make it count. At 1:10PM, Jeff started spinning in the wheel. He bet big: $75 a spin on Fucanglong. His bankroll started dropping, but then he hit the Dragon Mountain Feature and won $8,640.00. With his new house money, Jeff doubled his bet to $150 a spin at 1:12PM. Two minutes later at 1:14PM, Jeff unlocked the Fucanglong Feature and won big: $69,120.00. Less than 10 minutes for $75,000? Truly an explosive win.

Previous players of the month:


Congratulations to Lisa!

Patience. Flexibility. Dedication.
The virtues one has to practice and master in life. Well… That is if you want to win over $1.5M like Lisa from Maryland.
Check how she managed to win such a big amount.


Congratulations to Jackson!

Jackson started playing Sweet 16 at 7:11pm, and didn’t switch games once. Why? Probably because Sweet 16 has an EXTRA way to win. All winning symbols on Sweet 16 “morph,” turning into other symbols so you can win again, with an increasing multiplier. He got $1,200 from the base game, then another $1,200 when those symbols morphed. But his big win during a feature: one spin gave him a huge $22,500 and the morph right after gave him another $11,800. By the end, he took in over $59,000.


Congratulations to Robin!

Cupid’s got a full quiver of arrows and is ready to spread the love.
But… let’s put that “love” and “romance” stuff aside for a minute. We have something important to talk about.
Robin from Rockport had a slot date more exciting than any Valentine we’ve seen.
Normally our big winners have to put in hours to reap the rewards. Robin did it in less than three minutes.
Placing $2 bets on Rudolph’s Revenge, and on just his 18th spin, he won $56,360.00. No stress, no dra


Congratulations to Alex!

Why is Alex our Player of the Month? It’s not just because he won an insane amount of cash; it’s also because we don’t understand how he did it. Alex followed the usual slots strategy of increasing his bets as he won. Then it got weird. When Alex won $5,081 on a $25 spin, he dropped his bet down to $0.25! Then moved it back to $25 a spin, then down to $0.25, then BACK UP TO $125. Which we probably wouldn’t have noticed, except that soon after he moved to $125, he hit a feat


Congratulations to Cole!

True story. Watch as Cole, who hails from Portland, play Loose Deuces, one of the only video poker games that lets you play 52 hands at the same time. Two things of note on this one: He’s playing on his PC and he wins $104,000. Click here to see how.


Congratulations to Larry!

Larry: True story. Lucky Larry from Ohio couldn’t sleep one night. He started playing Ocean Oddities on his phone in bed, then switched to Keno where he won over $4k. After tossing and turning, he logs back in and wins $249,990.00. Watch how insomnia made him a rich man.