It’s Super Bowl time! Football fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the world’s most televised football event as this Sunday, February 4, marks the 52nd installment of the Super Bowl. It’s guaranteed to be an exciting matchup with the NFL’s two best teams going head-to-head; watched by more than 100 million people in the U.S. alone! This year kick-off is at 6pm EST as the New England Patriots face the Philadelphia Eagles at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s going to be a hot matchup in cold climate!

The highly anticipated game will be a rematch of 2004‘s Super Bowl XXXIX, when New England beat Philly 24–21 in a very close competition. It will also mark the first Super Bowl appearance for the Eagles since the epic game. Eagles’ fans are excited to see their team make a spectacular comeback this year. However, the Patriots are a heavy favorite to win; having already won five Super Bowl rings. They will set yet another record for becoming only the second team in league history to appear in back to back Super Bowls (the Seahawks being the other). So join Planet 7 Online Casino as we look at Super Bowl LII – the Patriots vs. the Eagles!

Clash of the Titans

Whether you are a rabid football fan or just a casual viewer, you’d be foolish as a sports fan not to watch these two giants face-off in the year’s biggest football game. It’s an intense rivalry, and each team is looking good coming into Sunday’s epic match. There is just one question: who will come out on top?

The Veterans – New England Patriots


There is no doubt that the New England Patriots have been one of the best (if not the best) overall team in the NFL for some time now. Led by the man with the golden arm, quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots have achieved a mind-blowing five Super Bowl wins (just one short of the all-time leader, the Pittsburgh Steelers) and hold the record for the most Super Bowl appearances in NFL history. Tom Brady is one of only two players in the NFL’s entire history to have five Super Bowl rings. If his team can pull off a “W” on Sunday, he will become the all-time Super Bowl winner.

As if that was not impressive enough, Brady also holds the league record for the most Super Bowl MVP awards (at four). These feats seem almost super human, and naysayers can hate him, but there is little argument that if anyone can pull it off Sunday, it is Tom Brady. It’s obvious that this is one quarterback that will not crack under the pressure of a big game.

There is just one glaring problem; Brady will be playing with an injured hand. As if the drama of a grudge match wasn’t enough, in one of the biggest twists to occur with just days to go before the big game, Tom Brady still has a hand injury that he sustained during practice. Though he has not officially been cleared to play by doctors, he will undoubtedly be set to start regardless. It is anyone’s guess how he will perform come game time. We will just have to wait until Sunday to see if his throwing arm is in full swing, if you catch our drift.

The defensive line

Even without their “six million dollar man”, the Patriots have an arsenal at their disposal. Their defensive line was ranked third best in the league during the 2017 regular season. Players like Nate Solder, Rob Gronkowski, and Dont’a Hightower are enough to make any opposing player shake in their cleats. These warriors are some of the league’s heaviest hitters who know how to contain an offensive play using speed and strength. Eagles beware.

Secret weapons

One of the most vital aspects of the Patriots’ dominating play is not just Brady’s arm, but to whom he is throwing. Players Chris Hogan, and Trey Flowers are dominant catching and rushing, a lethal combination come Super Bowl time. Although the latter are the dominant names that you hear in the starting offensive line up, there is one player that is often overlooked: Julian Edelman. A remarkable player that has been with the Patriots his entire professional career, since starting in 2009. He knows his teammates well, and most importantly knows exactly how to get in the pocket when his teammate and QB, Brady, is looking to get out of a difficult spot. An experienced player, Edelman holds nine seasons with the Patriots, and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Underdog – Philadelphia Eagles

Now that you know about the favored Patriots, let’s take a look their opponent. Despite the Philadelphia Eagles coming in as the underdog for this year’s Super Bowl, they are a team that just won’t go away. They had a remarkable 2017 season and experts are saying that this team can pull off the big win because of what’s at stake. Ever since the Eagles’ giant upset against the Patriots exactly 14 years ago, fans are hoping that this grudge match will be their chance for a win for the record books. It would be the first official Super Bowl win for the Eagles. Do they have what it takes?


If there is one player who is not going to let his team down, that is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles. He will lead the Eagles into the game Sunday, and although is impressive in his own right, he is no Tom Brady. It will take some outstanding playmaking and execution from the young quarterback to match the Patriots no. 3 defensive line. Eagles’ fans need not worry however. Foles is coming into Sunday’s game out of his best regular season to date; becoming the first QB since Carson Wentz to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl. Eagles’ fans take pride in his abilities and hope that the pressure of the big game won’t get to him. Not to worry however, Foles has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Star Power

This year’s biggest surprise and team favorite is the Eagles’ wide receiver Nelson Agholor. His quick hands and incredible catches make him a formidable force. If he performs well on Sunday, he could easily be in contention for the Super Bowl MVP trophy. After only three season in the NFL (all with the Eagles), the young receiver is coming off his best season with a record eight touchdowns in receiving for 2017. We’re positive that he’ll be featured in the highlight reel.

The Wall

Last, but not least, the most dominating aspect of the Eagles’ game is their defensive prowess. With the Seahawks out, the Eagles are now the highest ranked defensive team in the league. That’s right. Just a notch above the Patriots. This will undoubtedly be a huge factor come Super Bowl time. How this defense performs will be the difference between the Eagles winning and losing. Fletcher Cox, Timmy Jernigan, Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Chris Long and Derek Barnett are absolute monsters and form a rotation that cannot be matched in football. They can easily dominate the field and overwhelm the Patriots’ quarterback and go-to catchers.

Our prediction

If the Patriots have a healthy Tom Brady and can manage to keep their heads cool then this just might be their record setting year. After all, they have the most Super Bowl wins and appearances bar none. However, if the Patriots can’t utilize Brady or contain the Eagles’ o-line, Philly will have the superior roster.

It’s about mindset. Ultimately, the Eagles are going in with nothing to lose and everything to gain, and we think that they just might be able to pull off the big win come Super Bowl time. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen, and we’re excited to see what’s in store come Sunday. So place your bets. Is Brady’s hand up to the task? Or will the Eagles defense get the better of the Patriots advantage? You make the call! Time to grab a cold drink and comfortable chair because this match is definitely going to be one to watch!

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