Whether you’re new to the world of online casinos or you’re an absolute pro, you have without a doubt come across the term “casino bonus.” Casino bonuses are supposed to function as an incentive for players to sign up and deposit, but savvy players like you can take advantage of these bonuses and make the most of them. After reading this internet casino bonus guide, you’ll be a pro when it comes to maximizing your earnings with casino bonuses and promotions.

1. The rules of rewards

casino bonus rules

Generally, bonuses are offered for slots games and specialty games like keno. But that doesn’t mean that casinos never offer bonuses for table games like blackjack. Often, half of your bet amounts count toward the wagering requirement, but there are casinos that don’t include this rule.

Another term you may have come across is the very popular “no deposit bonus.” This is especially well-received among players because the bonus does not require players to deposit any of their own money. However, it’s often not possible to withdraw this bonus. In other words, you can’t claim the bonus and then immediately withdraw it. Otherwise, casinos would be literally giving away free money to people who have no intention of playing. Not exactly a smart business practice, right?

These promotions are made to invite you as a customer to online casinos, allow you to take an advantage of casino bonuses, and to keep you playing over a long period of time. Think of these casino rewards as a way to play your favorite games for a better deal. The more you play, the better bonuses you will receive.

2. Casino sign up bonuses

sign up bonus

When looking for an internet casino to sign up with, it’s important to do your research. After all, you want to choose one that is trustworthy, has speedy payouts, and can also provide you the best rewards for your patronage. The first and probably most financially lucrative promotion you come across is going to be the casino registration bonus. Since it is designed to pull new players with no established loyalty into a casino, it’s bound to be a good deal.

There are different kinds of casino bonuses. More often than not, the amount you initially deposit the will be matched by the casino up to a certain percent. But make sure you choose the best bonus offer and deposit the most you are willing to in one transaction. It is extremely uncommon for players to be able to use a coupon code twice in a row, especially when it comes to casino sign up bonuses. For those with a little extra cash lying around, look for extra rewards that come with making initial deposits that are bigger than the standard limit.

Sometimes a welcome bonus doesn’t have to do with registration with the casino. These bonuses can be for specific games instead. So keep an eye out for games with the words “welcome” and “bonus” in their title, especially for slots games. But if table games are your thing, do a little research and you may get lucky with a free round or some bonus chips to wager.

3. Planet 7 Casino bonus codes

A well-reviewed internet casino is Planet 7 because it offers a wide selection of online casino games for real money and favorable customer reward payout. It also offers a very popular casino registration bonus – or bonuses. Planet 7 has a list of welcome promotion offers that a prospective player can choose from. So if you know a particular kind of bonus is suited to your gambling needs, you have the agency to optimize your winnings.

Once you have signed into Planet 7, click “redeem coupon.” Find and enter the casino bonus code which corresponds to the sign up bonus of your choice. Some variations include free chip/no deposit bonuses; bonuses with varying minimum wagers or deposit amounts; and varying game restrictions (to account for that house edge). Planet 7 also offers unlimited reload bonuses, so you can potentially receive a 100% reload bonus for up to $1,000 as often as you would like. Best of all, you have the option of over 100 games you can play instantly, from your online browser.

4. Regular (daily and monthly) bonuses

daily bonuses

A lot of emphasis is placed on internet casino sign up bonuses. But there are different kinds of bonuses you have access to even after your initial coupon redemption. The next round comes in the form of regular promotions. Registered players will often receive weekly or monthly emails. Sometimes they will come across them in the online casino’s site. So keep your eye out for this kind of bonus because it can only mean more gambling time for you, and more money in your account.

Planet 7 offers a variety of ongoing bonuses. All you have to do as a player is log in each weekday to find what different prizes await you. You might luck upon some free chips, match bonuses, or Happy Hour offer which increases all bonuses for that given day. Aside from the daily and weekly promotions, Planet 7 releases a round of bonuses at the beginning of each month. These include no deposit bonuses and reload bonuses. You can be sure that casino rewards which only come out once a month are going to be great deals, so click and redeem those Planet 7 Casino bonus codes as soon as you see them and start playing!

5. Rewards program

If the most rewarding prize a player could receive only comes with registering with a new casino, no one would ever stick around at a single one for long. That’s why most online casinos have a rewards program which allows players to accumulate points. These points push them into higher levels, receiving better prizes and bonuses in the process. The strongest piece of advice this internet casino bonus guide can provide you is to find out what your favorite internet casino’s reward program looks like, and start working your way up. You will receive preferred treatment and not only will it heighten your gambling experience, it also means better bonuses.

Comp Points

Most casino rewards programs keep track of players’ progress through the counting of “comp points.” For every dollar you wager, you win a certain set amount of these points which add up. But in the same way that less money is put towards your minimum wager requirement for games with a lower house edge, you receive fewer comp points for money wagered on games with better odds. As you accumulate these points, you land somewhere on the tiered rewards program. The bottom of the structure is for newbies and casual players, the middle is for regulars, and the top of the structure is for VIPs.

Aside from comps (complimentary items) and exclusive services that come with your standing in the tiered program, you have access to special features that can make gambling much more rewarding. One example is monthly insurance. At the beginning of each month, you receive compensation for a percentage of your losses from the previous month up to a certain amount. As you gain a higher standing in the program, your monthly insurance goes up as well. Sometimes this compensation comes in the form of insurance bonuses and even cashback deals. It varies between each internet casino, so do a little research and see what offers your casino has.

At Planet 7, this is the VIP Casino program. With five different levels, players can receive little perks like birthday gifts, insurance programs, and exclusive monthly bonuses. It’s true that a player must first meet requirements before gaining access to the bottom tier. But once there, it’s a breeze. With level one, for example, players earn one comp point for every $10 they wager and they receive a 10-percent monthly insurance payout. As you reach higher levels these figures only become more favorable!

6. VIP casino

VIP bonuses

Planet 7 Casino takes care of its loyal players on the lowest tiers. So think about how much they must service their members who have reached the highest level of the program. A lot of the bonuses have minimum deposit requirements that can break the bank for an amateur, but aren’t enough to make a high roller blink twice. And since the minimum is high for these well-regarded members, the bonuses they receive often apply to all games. Because the casino already knows that these players will bring good business, they don’t need to impose game restrictions based on house edge.

VIP Bonuses

As a member of the VIP casino, the casino rewards start to look extremely impressive. Instead of the level one rate of one comp point earned for every $10 wagered, it is one point for every $2. That increases the number of points received by 5 times! As mentioned before, the bonuses become much more beneficial at higher levels. So with the VIP level, exclusive offers help you make the most of your money. They change regularly, so it’s important to check Planet 7 Casino’s website often to stay updated. Some other perks for VIP casino members include $50,000 monthly insurance paid at the beginning of each month, and gifts on players’ special days.

Grab Your Casino Bonus Today!

Planet 7 Casino provides a top-notch experience to its customers and an even better time for its high-spending loyal members. Now that you’ve read this internet casino bonus guide, you’re ready to enter the world of promotions and rewards programs. It’s time to work your way up the ladder, and you have to start by taking the first step. Head over to Planet 7 Casino and sign up to redeem your first casino registration bonus. The rewards will only get better from there!

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