We are all familiar with bonuses and the many ways that they can be utilized in conjunction with purchasing products and services; from air miles to rewards cards. Casinos are no different. Casinos and the gaming industry is a booming market, and these venues want to do everything in their power to encourage play and establish loyal members by keeping them handsomely rewarded. New and intriguing internet casino bonus codes are created daily to persuade new players to sign-up and guarantee that dedicated players keep coming back.

However, with the variety of information available online, and the extraordinary number of internet casino bonuses and benefits that exist, it can become rather difficult for players new and old to distinguish what bonuses are actually worth investing time, energy and most importantly money in. Not to worry, Planet 7 Casino has got you covered when it comes to the best online casino bonuses!

Casino games, whether in real life or online, are designed to give the house an advantage. Albeit it’s a small advantage, but it’s a factor each and every time you play so that in the long term you will typically lose a pre-calculated percentage, which can be high or low depending on how much is wagered. Over the years, many strategies like card counting have been attempted in order to gain the advantage over the house edge at standard brick and mortar establishments, with varying degrees of success. One surefire, guaranteed method that players can use to reduce the house edge and maximize their play and payouts are internet casino bonuses.

Many online and real-life casinos offer a variety of casino rewards bonuses: from casino sign up bonuses to special holiday promotions or casino reload bonuses and VIP player programs. It seems counterintuitive, but over the long run these benefits give the player a much larger edge instead of relying on skill alone to minimize losses.

Internet casino bonuses act as a pendulum to help shift the advantage in a player’s favor, and help them win back valuable points and money lost when combined with the appropriate play strategies.

Here at Escape Magazine, we’ve been studying what’s on offer to give you a casino rewards review that will break down the many types of benefits that casinos offer and how to take advantage of them. Let’s take a look!

Online vs old school casinos

online casino vs real casinoMuch like standard casinos, online casinos allow you to play popular casino games for real money on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Software groups and online sites can offer near identical game selection to players that prefer gaming at home instead of heading over to brick and mortar casinos. Playing at home in your pajamas or at work can be variously fun, relaxing and profitable. Better yet, at home you can have a drink or three and not have to worry about the drive home. These games include blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker, slots, and much more. There are, however, some important differences.

Many online casinos offer live dealers via webcam in order to simulate the authenticity of standard casino table gaming. However, the standard method for online casinos are outcomes that are usually determined via random number generators (RNGs) instead of actual people. The plus side of this manifestation is that play is generally much faster in comparison to playing with a real person. Some forms of larger internet casino software even makes it possible to play over 500 hands of blackjack in an hour, real-life casinos just can’t compete!

A lot of internet casinos also offer automated selection or automated play strategies for their slot and table games, further increasing the speed of play for each individual player. Previous games can be recorded for revision as well. The only downside is the matter of fairness; players must rely on “faceless” RNGs that control the spin of a wheel or the deal of card, which might be of some concern when playing online casino for real money. Players can rest assured, however, knowing that many online companies will recruit unbiased, outside auditors to test the reliability of games and inspect game results for any foul play, thus verifying authenticity. The results of these audits are also available to the public. We at Planet 7 Casino offer full transparency of our games and deposit and/or withdrawal methods, so be sure to familiarize yourself with some our spectacular games and offers today!

The differences

The types of deposits and withdrawals you can make vary widely among standard casinos and online sites. At a regular casino, physical cash is exchanged for chips or tokens given to an individual player. Money and chips are tangible items that are visible to the naked eye. Online, however, money becomes a part of the digital world and is abstract. Secure third party monetary systems such as credit cards, Bitcoin or Neteller are required in order for players to transfer, deposit or withdraw money. The setbacks include potential delays in withdrawal times or the risk of hackers creating fraudulent sites in order to take advantage of inexperienced players. However, there should be some comfort in knowing that in today’s modernized world almost all money is digital, and newer and more cutting edge measures are being reinforced and updated each and every day to offer better security to individuals and their money.

Bonuses and complementary benefits also differ between online and standard casinos. Though online casinos cannot offer physical comps like free meals or better rooms, they can provide financial bonuses and free play rewards to first-time and returning players alike. Usually a certain amount must be wagered before bonuses are offered, but it is a good investment for serious players, since casinos keep an eye on which players are willing to wager and play frequently, and will reward them accordingly.

Types of internet casino bonuses

There are many types of internet casino bonuses, but all of them essentially function to the same end. Have a look at some of the most common online casino bonuses below

Casino sign up bonuses are allocated to new players at online casinos and generally encourage players to sign up for real money, become more familiar with the casino, and, over time, loyal patrons. These types of bonuses are definitely worth taking advantage of because there is absolutely zero risk to the player. Generally they come with generous upfront play so a player can test a variety of games offered without losing their own money. Casino sign up bonuses are the casinos’ money, so in the worst case scenario, they are the ones taking the loss, and the players reap the benefits.

Cashable bonuses are usually offered with a minimum wager requirement. For instance, if a casino offers a $100 new player sign-up bonus with a 10x bonus wager requirement, the total wagering requirement would be $100×10 = $1000. The latter amount can be utilized as $1000 in $1 bets, 100 $10 bets, 10 $100 bets, or other combinations. It’s incentive for new joiners to game with $100 of additional play. When taking the house edge into consideration, e.g. ~0.5% for blackjack, the expected loss to each player would be $1000×0.5% = $5. This leaves $95 of the $100 bonus as cashable profit to the player.

Sticky bonuses function much in the same way as cashable bonuses, but there is one major difference. Once made, a sticky bonus can never be withdrawn. It essentially works as a place wager. If you run out of your cash balance first, the casinos will allow you to continue to play by using these specific types of bonuses. They act as a form of insurance for players in case balances end up in the negative.

Match deposit bonuses are offered periodically by online casinos to encourage player loyalty. The intervals and size of these bonuses are solely determined by money deposits made by the players, so the more you are willing to deposit, the more money the casino will offer to match your deposit in return. Some casinos are generous enough to offer as much as 200%-500% in match bonuses in order to retain serious players.

Other favorites

daily casino bonusesWeekly, monthly and/or holiday bonuses are there to keep players visiting online gaming sites at frequent intervals and to encourage play. These are generally posted at regular intervals, and many players may rely on them to be offered at specific times of the week, month or holidays to accrue loyalty points and extra play credits. These are usually only offered for a limited time. Players must be sure to redeem them within the time frame listed, otherwise they will expire unlike most sign-up, cashable or match deposit internet casino bonuses.

Free play and free spin bonuses are commonly available at most internet casinos, including Planet 7. Usually, after signing up at a given casino, players are given free plays or spins as a bonus along with their first deposit. These might expire depending on the terms and conditions of each casino or might have an indefinite shelf life.

Casino reload bonuses are offered to players who have previously made a real money deposit at a particular casino, but act as a reward for devoted players who continue to return to play at an establishment. For instance, a casino reload bonus is always given as a little extra each time a player makes a deposit. It minimizes the effort involved for players having to shop for new bonuses, simply because they know each time they deposit they will receive a reload bonus of a certain amount.

Take Planet 7 Casino’s No Limit Reload Bonus as a perfect example. We offer a reload bonus on each and every deposit you make if a more lucrative bonus isn’t available. There is no minimum deposit other than what’s required by choice of deposit method, and there’s no limit to how much you can claim on a single deposit other than the practical limitations of the deposit method itself. The best part is that it can be used an unlimited number of times, even multiple times a day!

VIP bonuses are offered by casinos to the most serious players whom they know deposit and play frequently. These are often given with big incentives for play along with free spins, additional match deposit bonuses, and many other benefits that can only be utilized by VIP players. They are a common favorite among more serious players.

Before signing up

casino bonus rulesIt’s important to note that internet casino bonuses come with specific rules and guidelines. Be sure to check out how and when to use each particular bonus and “free money” from the site you choose to go with. It’s the best way to avoid any penalties for misuse and ensures that the bonuses qualify for your favorite games.

Familiarize yourself with the rules. The links to the various terms and conditions should be readily available to all players on the gaming sites they choose to play with. At Planet 7 we’re here to help. Be sure to contact our customer service and support team if you have any questions.

Verify and double-check the bonus terms before signing up in order to avoid confusion, and be aware of any hidden increased wager requirements listed in the terms and conditions.

Deposits, withdrawals and fair play

Since regular casinos only allow paper money deposits or lines of credit, we will focus on monetary transactions relating to online casinos. There are many money transfer options including credit cards, direct transfers to your bank account, and third-party systems such as Neteller or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Secure third-party systems like Neteller make any money transactions much easier and generally reduce time on withdrawal delays.

Online players should always look for gaming sites that are fair and reputable. Since game outcomes are selected through RNGs, the general consensus is that most online casinos are unbiased, and its best to choose ones that pay their players their winnings within a reasonable time.

Privacy is also an issue for many players. It’s always best to play at a casino like Planet 7 with a clear and strong privacy policy that ensures your personal data is protected and secure.

Real casino bonuses and comps

casino compsThe number one thing anyone can do at a real-life casino is sign up for a free player or member card. These are offered at most hotel casinos nowadays, and provide great casino bonuses and benefits at the various locations guests choose to frequent.

Many of the casinos offer big price discounts on rooms or even free stays and suite upgrades. Even individuals who aren’t avid gamers are likely to get some form of complementary gift simply for signing up; anything from t-shirts to slot play vouchers or coupons and free food, right on the spot! All guests need to do is find the player or member club located at their casino of choice.

Often times these cards can be applied for through the online sites themselves; saving players the hassle of having to enter a casino physically to claim their card. Players can even claim multiple cards by applying through other establishments. Casinos often work in conjunction or are owned by the same company, so odds are that if a casino player card works at one casino it might be accepted at more than one location. The M Life card, is a great example, and is accepted in Las Vegas by nine incredible casinos (Luxor, Excalibur, the Mandalay Bay, New York New York, Monte Carlo, MGM Grand, Bellagio, Aria, and the Mirage).

Member/player cards will allow players/guests to choose from a variety of great casino bonuses and perks, including: drinks, meals, tickets to live events, and even free rooms. The more a player chooses to game, lose or win, the more the casinos are willing to reward them. The establishments will usually give back 25-30% of a players’ expected losses in the form of casino credits or comps. It is not always given right away, so in most cases a player should ask the casino directly.

When it comes to playing at multiple internet casinos, Planet 7 partners with a number of other online casinos to offer the Player’s Reward Card, bringing you gifts and bonuses when you play at the multiple online casinos that participate in the program.

It pays to play

Player cards come in very handy when utilized during games. They are accepted at most, if not all, tables, slots and video poker machines. They register how much a player wins or loses, and how many bonus points they have accumulated as a result. Most real world casinos will let players know how much they need to game in order to receive complementary buffet access, or room discounts, etc.

If a player decides to utilize their card during table play, the dealer will simply hand it to a floor person who will swipe it. Unfortunately, more often than not, table play credits are not visible to the player like they are when used at slot machines. This makes it difficult for a player to calculate the exact amount of bonuses or comps they might receive. However, a rough calculation to get an estimate would go as follows:

Money spent per round x number of rounds per hour x house edge x rebate percentage = bonuses or comped items offered.

The size of bonuses generally rely on the amount and frequency of play, not how much a player wins or loses. Casinos want to keep players happy and at the casino, so even if you win there is a strong probability of a bonus offer or upgrade. It’s all based on a carefully calculated strategy by the casino where profit margins are in the positive even when giving away large comps and bonuses.

Don’t be surprised if you win big at a table, and a pit boss or floor manager comes over to congratulate you on your win and offer you an upgrade. Comps are offered especially for large wins, because the casinos want you stay at their establishment, so they can encourage you to play back the money you won from them in the first place.

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