Are you sick and tired of all the chaos of daily life? With sirens and screeching buses rushing past your window, it can be hard after a long day of work to relax and unwind. This list has the top 10 remote places on Earth where you can unplug from the world and get some peace of mind. And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have access to Wi-Fi so you can login to Planet 7 casino and play a few games to really enjoy your vacay.

Phuket, Thailand


A part of Thailand, Phuket is the largest island in the country. Phuket offers everything, from busy cities, to relaxing resorts, and desert islands for those seeking the utmost isolation. Being an island, Phuket lies in the Phang Nga Bay. This is one of the best places to relax and unwind, with its white sand beaches and clear blue waters.

You may have heard of Phang Nga Bay before, because it is the home of the limestone pinnacles – these are little islands of limestone jutting up into the sky, creating a breathtaking maze of rock islands you can take a boat ride through. If you want to explore the many islands dotting Phang Nga Bay, you can choose to explore hongs, which are sea caves that have collapsed to due to time and weather. The result is an open air lagoon which feeds back into the sea, but still provides the sense of being lost on a desert island paradise of your very own. Tap into that Robinson Crusoe vibe and start exploring your island kingdom!

Redwood Forest, Northern California, USA

redwood forest

Now if you’re feeling more Tarzan than Crusoe, the Redwood Forests of Northern California are the perfect remote location for you. Containing some of the world’s oldest and tallest trees, a walk through the Redwoods can transport you into an ancient time. Soon you’ll feel like the first human to walk the earth. With all sorts of ways to see these trees, you can choose to trek from the forest to the beach, or take an easier walking trail. Heck, even if you’re too lazy to use your legs to see these wooden giants, you can opt to take a scenic drive through the parks.

Comprised of a large area of forested lands, the Redwoods offers a myriad of attractions to see, such of the Avenue of the Giants, or the world’s tallest tree which stands at 379 feet tall. This is a wonderful location for those looking to meditate and get more grounded. According to Japanese tradition, Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” (taking walks through a forest setting) can naturally calm your emotions, elevate your mood, and strengthen your immune system. This is the powerful trio, perfect for settling down after an emotionally grueling round of poker where you must hide and bottle up your emotions. And hey, it might even help you access your calm side during future games.

Joshua Tree National Park

joshua tree national park

If you decide that forestry isn’t your thing, consider heading south on the pacific coast highway to Southern California. The Joshua Tree National Park offers some of the most unique desert landscapes in the world. Jump back in time to the land of the pioneers. Hike the same trails they did while gazing at the Joshua Tree, a native plant in this region. It gets its name from the Mormons who migrated through this area. They thought that the upturned thick and prickly branches of the tree looked like Joshua leading them to the Promised Land.

But you don’t have to sit in the blistering heat to get some peace of mind. This national park is well-known for its stargazing. Miles away from any big city, there is virtually no light pollution to impede the twinkle of stars. This paired with a wide expanse of exposed sky makes for a breathtaking view of galaxies unfolding before you.

Bellecombe-en-Bauges, Rhone Alps, France


For those who are a little fainter of heart, the Rhone Alps are a wonderful place to get away. There are no monstrous lizards or trees. You will find only beautiful sloping hills, grassy mountains, and a deeply rooted culture developed over hundreds of years. Depending on what time of year you visit, you can run through the green hills which are alive with the sound of music. Or strap on your snowshoes and make your way up a powdery winter wonderland. You can also take some time for yourself and go mountain biking or skiing. You won’t see another soul for miles around.

If you want to taste the local color rather than walking all over it, head over to the local chocolaterie artisinale or one of the many local cheese producers. Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed to have a unique flavor, perfected over the generations. This is a great place to breathe in some crisp alpine air and clear your head. It might be just the thing you need to tap into your French side, and play a round of French roulette. The ups and downs of winning are like the Rhone-Alps, and the only way you can get to the top is by starting your ascent!

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Tofino, Canada

pacific rim

Perched on the west side of Victoria Island, off the coast of British Columbia, Tofino is home to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. You can hike through old growth forests, following in the footsteps of natives and lost sailors. Or you can choose to take to the sea and immerse yourself in the prominent surfing culture that dominates this part of the island. If you’re willing to brave the cold waters, the surf is famous. Naturally, it’s good for both beginners and the most advanced surf rats out there. Tofino also makes a great place for kayaking, weaving your way through the big and little islands like a labyrinth.

At the end of it all, in this beautiful remote location, you will find yourself more calm and collected than ever before. There is also a local history of first nation tribes, and you can discover it on your very own. There is no easy access to the island. Being completely detached from the continent, you can feel like you’re really disconnecting from your daily life. And what better place to do it next to the surf, the sky, and some gnarly vegetation. Cowabunga, dude!

Haida Gwaii

small island forest

If Tofino isn’t isolated enough for you, then head northwest to Haida Gwaii, an archipelago of British Columbia. This is one of the most remote locations on earth. So if you’re looking to get away and disappear, Haida Gwaii has your name written all over it. The cold salty water slashing against the jagged cliffs of this island seem to blend into the dense forests that line cliff edges.

Only accessible by ferry or floatplane, the difficulty it takes to arrive at Haida Gwaii means that you can definitely avoid seeing Chad from the office while on vacation. And it also means that the setting on the island will feel like an untouched, enchanted forest. While on a walk through the woods, you may lose all sense of time and direction with ancient dense woods all around you. You may even stumble across some historical totem poles built generations ago by the Haida, a strong and fearsome First Nation tribe.

Another famous legend belonging to Haida Gwaii, stories of the golden spruce – a tall and beautiful spruce tree with leaves of gold. This may be just what you need for a little good luck, and to see gold in the form of jackpots and winnings made from online casino games.

Deception Island, Antarctica

antartica landscape

Notoriously remote and isolated, Antarctica is a good place for those looking to get away and stay away from their daily routine and people they dislike. Deception Island lies near the Antarctic coast. The whole thing was once a volcano. But like Mt. Saint Helen’s, an eruption caused the top to blow off and the crater filled with ocean water. This causes Deception Island to have its horseshoe shape with a narrow entrance. Once inside the bay, the waters are extremely protected from the harsh arctic environment.

Historically, this was a favorite place for whalers and fur traders to dwell. As time went on, though, the island was used for scientific research and tourism. While visiting Deception Island, you can watch the chinstrap penguin colony, considered one of the largest ones in the world. For a more relaxing activity during your getaway, unwind with a volcanic bath. Because there still is volcanic activity occurring underneath the island, these geothermal baths are naturally warmed. This provides a respite and exciting contrast against the stark cold setting of Antarctica. And luckily, you won’t ever get bored on Deception Island. With a little Wi-Fi and a computer at hand, you can easily log onto an online casino and experience the thrills of roulette or strategy of blackjack. And the best part is, no one will be around to interrupt you!

Easter Island, Chile

easter island

You may have actually heard of this one. Easter Island is famous all around the world for being totally remote. Lying 2,290 miles off the coast of Chile in the Pacific Ocean, it became the adopted home of the one of the most isolated cultures in the world. The island’s inhabitants formed a unique culture that will make you feel like a world apart from your daily routine. You can enjoy a hike around the island, making stops at Terevak, the highest point on the island. Or visit Rano kau, which is a volcanic crater.

Since you cannot access this by vehicle, it will have a more authentically remote feeling. This will truly allow you to really distance yourself from the modern world. Or maybe make the trek to the Northwest coast of the island and watch the blazing sun set over the pink and orange-stained Pacific Ocean. While making a visit, checking out Easter Island’s signature stone statues is an absolute must. Called moai, these statues can be found all over the place and are thought to represent the islanders’ ancestors. Seen as good luck omens, moai are supposed to watch over you and bless you, which you may need if you’re trying to win it big in your gambling career.

Svalbard Archipelago, Norway

island polar bears

This is another one for the snow bunnies out there. Lying on the opposite pole, the Svalbard Archipelago is the closest year-round human settlement to the North Pole. Svalbard is aplace with all kinds of extremes. It is a scientific playground as well as a great wilderness, populated by polar bears, arctic foxes, and reindeer. You can choose to hike up dramatic snowy mountains or frozen glaciers. The Konebreen glacier is one of the largest in Svalbard, on the Spitsbergen Island.

A famous and important establishment on this remote archipelago is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Seeds from all over the world are stored in this snow-buried facility. Just in the case of a global catastrophe which would cause plant populations to be wiped out. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a place more remote than the one place on this planet that scientists deem safe from disaster. Since Svalbard is so close to the North Pole, it offers the visitor a unique geographical feature called the “midnight sun”. During the summer months, the North Pole faces the sun. For this time the sun won’t set below the horizon; it simply continues to circle around the sky providing 24 hours of sunlight. Since you technically won’t have a night, you can spend your time playing your favorite casino games. Besides, who needs sleep anyways?

Pitcairn Island

pitcairn island

If you’re on the prowl for an isolated getaway with a more moderate temperature, sail on over to Pitcairn Island. The island is only populated by about 50 people, whose ancestors came from the same ship. According to legend, sailors on the HMS Bounty came across this island in 1789. They were so struck by its beauty that they wanted to settle. But in order do that, they became mutinous, overthrew their captain, and set fire to the ship. When visiting, you can see the wreck of this ship under bounty bay.

To visit, you either have to arrive on a cruise ship or you can board the island’s only passenger vessel. But this provides adventure tourism trips of 3 or 10 days. There are no hotels on the island. Instead, visitors stay with one of the island’s local families, and really experience immersion into Pitcairn daily life. You can check out the production of Pitcairn’s honey, watching the evolved relationship between the island’s docile bees and their beekeepers. For a more exciting and poetic gesture, take part in the Island’s annual event. The event enacts a ship burning to honor the mutiny which took place over 225 years ago.

If you feel like your life is hectic and people are getting on your nerves, then it is time to take a break and go somewhere. And this list of remote locations is just the beginning. And remember, anywhere you go you can still login to your beloved online casino. Check out Planet 7 Casino. You can use your laptop to play the desktop version or take your favorite games on the go with Planet 7’s mobile platform. It has all of your favorite games, in all of your favorite places. So, what are you waiting for? Get going and start playing!

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