1. Understanding Blackjack
  2. How to Play Blackjack
  3. How to Win at Blackjack Everytime

How to Win at Blackjack Everytime

As mentioned in the first chapter of this super easy beginner’s guide, blackjack is probably the best understood and most heavily examined of all the casino games on offer. Because of this, there is a proven basic strategy that players can use to win at blackjack everytime, ensure almost perfect play and the minimum amount of loss to the house over the long term. And the good news – the basic strategy to win at blackjack is all in a chart.

This basic strategy chart to win at blackjack corresponds to the following parameters: the game uses four to eight decks; the dealer stands on a soft 17; a double down is allowed after a split; only original bets are lost on dealer blackjack.


S – Stand

H – Hit

Dh – Double down (if not allowed, hit)

Ds – Double down (if not allowed, stand)

SP – Split

SU – Surrender (if not allowed, hit)

how to win at blackjack - Dealer's Face Up Card how to win at blackjack - Soft Totalshow to win at blackjack - Pairs
This chart outlines the actions that players should take in every single situation at the blackjack table when utilizing basic strategy to win at blackjack. Even when basic rules vary, the chart changes only slightly – for example, in the case that the dealer hits on a soft 17, only six actions would change. If you’re aware of the specific rules that your favorite casino uses for their blackjack tables, make sure to research the correct basic strategy chart that correlates to those specific rules to increase your chances of winning at blackjack.

It’s been proven that the utilization of this basic strategy chart in a blackjack game that possesses these rules is the best for sustaining your bankroll over the long run and even making some good money. We recommend logging onto Planet 7 Casino’s instant play section in one computer window and this strategy chart in an adjacent window – this way, you can practice for as long as you want while you memorize the chart for absolutely no risk. When you’re ready to play for real money and win at blackjack, you can still keep the chart up and utilize it for raking in real rewards.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Blackjack Everytime

So, you think you know all there is to know about winning at blackjack everytime now? Yeah, think again. We’ve got a few parting tips and fun facts that you might want to know if you seriously want to make money and have a good time while playing blackjack.

1 – Don’t buy insurance.

When the dealer is dealt an ace face up, the player has the option of buying insurance before the dealer peeks at his hold card. This wager is a side bet that the dealer has a blackjack. The bet is independent from the original wager, and pays 2:1. The idea is that there’s a high probability that the dealer will have a blackjack, so the player insures against the possibility and covers the loss on the original bet. This bet is considered unwise in basic strategy because the dealer is likely to have a blackjack less than one-third of the time.

So, if you’re playing basic strategy, don’t go for the insurance and you’ll likely save money in the long run.

2 –  Count the fives.

This tip obviously doesn’t apply to online blackjack games, which generally pull from an unlimited shoe, but it’s worth knowing when you play in a brick-and-mortar casino to win in blackjack. Blackjack card counters look for decks loaded with high cards, which increase the player’s chances of seeing winning hands and to win at blackjack. Obviously, if high cards benefit the player then low cards hurt him – and the worst low card is the five. Statistically, for every five removed from the deck, there’s an extra 0.67% added to the player’s return. Multiply that by the number of fives in a four, six, or eight deck shoe and you’re looking at quite the difference.

If you’re seeing a lot of fives, step away from the table until the number dies down. You’ll improve your chances of winning by being patient.

3 – 21, 20, 11.

What does that mean? Well, obviously a 21-hand is the best value you can get in blackjack, and it follows that 20 is the second-best. But it often surprises people to know that the 19-hand isn’t the third-best. Statistically speaking, the third-best hand in blackjack is 11 – this is because you’re only ten points away from 21. And since tens, jacks, queens, and kings all have a value of ten, there are four times as many tens as any other number in the deck.

In other words, you’re four times as likely to get a ten as any other number. Or, something like that. I haven’t checked my math. Point is, there’s a reason why the chart tells you to double down in almost every scenario when you get a hand with the value of 11.

All right, beginner – you’ve got all the information you need to start your blackjack journey. Once you’ve graduated from this beginner’s stuff, check out other ways to up your game – there’s composition-dependent strategy, and advantage play like card counting and shuffle tracking, all of which bring the game of blackjack to a whole new level.

But don’t get ahead of yourself, newbie. For now, take all this information, digest it, and put it into practice on Planet 7 Casino’s instant play section. There, you can play blackjack online with absolutely no risk, become a pro in no time and start winning at blackjack. We at Planet 7 look forward to seeing you at the blackjack table!

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