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Tame the mighty Fucanglong, the Chinese dragons that guard the treasures of the Underworld. Fucanglong is our newest game, and it’s packed with Features, multipliers, and enough dragons to conquer the Iron Throne. This All Ways Pay game offers 1,024 winning combinations, a possible prize multiplier of 888x the triggering bet, and expanding wilds.

Real players' comments on Fucanglong:

"“I’ve been waiting for a good dragon game. Seriously. Finally. Thank you!"

"“Are these the cute little dragons from Mulan? I love this game!”"

"“Playing this on my phone on the bus to work. Won three grand, so I called in sick ☺”"

"“There are so many winning combinations, I feel like I’m hitting something every spin.”"

"“Chinese mythology is my favorite! I did not expect to find it on my gaming site, but I’m glad I"

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Welcome to the voyage to the new Nova 7s. Your mission? To explore strange new features, to seek out new wilds and win up to 38,073x your line bet... to boldly go where no game has gone before. Try the new Nova7s on Planet 7. 7pm or 7am. It's got to mean a new world of luck.

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"Wow! The best graphics I’ve seen on one of these. It looks amazing on my giant home monitor."